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Day 2 of the 100 Day Project

In keeping with my Eucalypt theme for a new Collection I’ve also been drawing using colour pencils. Day 2 of #the100dayproject shows researching a theme and initial ideas and sketches.

These are flame peas which I found in a flower book I have in my little resource library. Often I draw using traditional media first and then scan these drawings or colour studies into Illustrator.

Chorizema cordatum, known as the heart-leaf flame pea or Australian flame pea, is a flowering plant of the pea family, endemic to gravelly or loamy soils in eucalyptus forests, in the moist south western parts of Western Australia – Wikipedia

I love the colour combination of these bright flowers and the shapes of the petals. They remind me a little bit of pansies. They will definitely be featured in a mood board and future pattern Collection. I also did a little zentangle.

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Flame Peas using colour pencils and a little zentangle

I’d love to hear your comments if you decide to do #the100dayproject and what you’re doing every day for the project. Include your Instagram link and we can follow each other.

Link to my Instagram is below in my Author info.

x Lesley

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