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Inktober 2020

DAY2: Inktober2020 – Bird House

I’m learning procreate and experimenting with a variety of brushes. The prompt comes from @theydrawandgarden and as you know I adore birds which feature heavily in my work. This time I used gouache brushes and went for a folk art theme. I painted this completely from scratch. I’m absolutely loving procreate and the brushes.

Below you can see my work process. I was amazed at the realism I was able to create using the gouache brushes for building up the shading and form. For the folk art design I used a much more opaque gouache brush and applying the decorative patterns was fun.

What I love about Procreate so far in my learning:

  • being able to rotate the canvas (use this all the time)
  • dragging the colour dot over to a shape to fill the entire shape (saves so much time)
  • alpha lock and the clipping mask facility
  • using the apple pencil is a dream – it’s pressure sensitivity is the best I’ve ever experienced
  • being able to look at a reference photo by dragging it onto the screen to refer to. This involves using a split screen.
  • being able to trace over line art or photos
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