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Yay I got a scholarship

I was totally taken by surprise when Mira, the Director of Children’s Book Academy, rang me from America to tell me that I had been accepted for a scholarship in the upcoming Course “The Craft & Business of Illustrating Children’s Books”. I was immediately taken with Mira’s warm, caring and supportive manner and felt totally appreciated and valued right from the start of the call. So precious these days.

I’m not affiliated in any way with the CBA but wanted to spread the word about the Academy and this Course which kicks off on 31 August 2020. So, if you’re an aspiring writer or illustrator who dreams of getting a children’s book published this might just be the Course you’ve been looking for.

This was like a “sign” for me and I had to pinch myself to accept that I was actually having a conversation with Dr. Mira Reisberg who loves my illustrations. I’ve been unsure which direction to take my art and now I know! I think as creatives we feel we can do everything by ourselves without asking for help and I have not been offered many opportunities such as this in my art career so far. This might surprise many of you but I’ve done everything by myself so far without any help….. BUT…. it’s not getting me anywhere….

For many creatives, it’s usually a solo game of trying to fumble our way through how to succeed.

I’ve always worked with children, being a qualified art teacher for over 20 years (eek) and enjoy the fantasy lands and stories that children take delight in and take us to. Having self-published a few fantasy and whimsical adult colouring books with make-believe worlds of faeries, unicorns and animals drinking hot chocolate, sledding and skating on Wintry slopes, I think I’ll be in my element doing this Course! Even adults enjoy the escapism fantasy worlds have to offer as I found out in my Colouring and Tangling Group for Grown-Ups. These imaginary worlds and the joy of colouring help so many adults with physical and emotional hurdles they have to overcome every single day. It’s a blessing for many.

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So starting at the end of August I get to be a big kid and create characters and fantasy wonderlands for children’s picture books BUT THIS TIME, I’m in the hands of EXPERTS who will be holding my creative hand as I nudge my dream of being a published author/illustrator forward bit by bit.

THANK YOU Children’s Book Academy!!

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