Hello I’m Lesley

My whole life has been a creative one. Since I discovered the magic and joy of colour, drawing and painting as a very young child, I’ve been addicted ever since. I cried tears of joy the day the letter arrived telling me I’d been accepted as a student at Glasgow School of Art. I left four years later with a BA Honours in Design, specialising in Printed Textiles. I studied for one more year to become an art teacher. I now live in Australia and as well as doing my own art, I’ve also been running extra-curricular Engaged in Art classes for children in the Redlands area of Queensland, Australia for 12 years.

Lesley Smitheringale
Awesome educator and artist. Providing a space for emerging young artists to develop their skills and craft that will go on to inspire others to appreciate, reflect and question the world they live in
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Why I moved over to Digital Illustrations

It was all due to the app Procreate which finally convinced me and I’ve fallen in love with using “virtual” brushes and paint which look and behave just like the real thing. It also means I can offer you illustrations in a range of sizes and use them to decorate products such as stickers, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases and lots more….

The versatility this offers me as an artist and also you as a customer is incredible and I can easily change background colours, add borders and wording to create completely customised illustrations and products of our beloved pets and wildlife.